The world already started to turn upside down due to COVID-19 and therefore the Retroclassics in Stuttgart was probably the last big car event that was held before the global shutdown. The mood at Stuttgart was accordingly and definitely no visitor record numbers will have been broken this year.

We however did enjoy very much to have made the short daytrip from Munich, as this meant to have been able to see one of the greatest car collections in Europe – the Gulf themed ROFGO collection amassed with the help of Adrian Hamilton and his team for the German owner – a very rare opportunity to see all the highlights of the collection inlcuding Le Mans winners, Formula 1 cars, Porsche Prototypes and other significant Sportscars all in one place. It was especially nice to see an old friend again – McLaren F1 GTR Longtail chassis number 022R – that we sold for the first owner, who raced the McLaren at Le Mans and in the FIA GT championship in 1997.